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Early Childhood Program

Our preschool curriculum is designed to follow the needs and interests of the children as they develop at their own pace. With a variety of experiences to develop their social skills, mathematical understanding, language arts development, motor skills, and science processes, St. Thomas teaches to the whole child. 

  • Social Skills addressed include developing self-regulation, that is, learning to respond appropriately in social situations.  Young children are taught how to relate to others, including their peers and teachers.  Our youngest students learn to cooperate and collaborate with others in the learning community.

  • Mathematical Understanding in preschool includes exploration of measurement, developing number sense, beginning to experience number operations such as adding and subtracting, and exploring data through graphs.  

  • Language Arts Development is key to future literacy skills.  We use Frog Street Press, Pearson OWL Preschool curriculum and other sources that are woven into a strong pre-literacy foundation.  Children learn to listen for a purpose, use language to express their wants and thoughts, and begin to understand representation of sounds and words with symbols (letters).

  • Motor Skill Development, both gross and fine motor skills blossom in preschool through a variety of activities in the classroom, in music class, in the motor lab, and outdoors on the playground.

  • Science Processing Skills, our naturally curious preschoolers learn about physical, natural, and life sciences in their environment.  Sensory awareness encourages students to use their science processing skills. They discover on their own, and are exposed to a variety of books, objects, and models to foster their sense of wonder about God’s world.

  • Art and Creativity - each week the children attend art class to experience and learn about the world of art. Included in the preschool art program are learning about famous artists, unique art styles, and basic beginner techniques for creating wonderful works of art. Students are encouraged to be creative as they experience a variety of projects!

  • ​Music and Movement- children are introduced to music concepts where they experience music through a mixture of singing, dancing, acting and the use of percussion instruments. 

PreKindergaten /Four Years Old (by Sept 1st)

​​Monday - Friday; 3 Full days (T,W,TH) or 5 Full or 5 Half Days
Daily from 8:00-2:45 PM (Full Day)   8-11:45 AM (Half day)


Early Morning and Afterschool care options available

Learning Without Tears is our complete curriculum series for early concepts of reading, writing, science, social studies and the social emotional needs of all students.    

Math and Science: Counting, skip counting, force and motion, chemical reactions, nature, plant and animal parts and characteristics all make up a fun and exciting curriculum that teach to this age's natural curiosity.

Outdoor Play: Extended outdoor playtime daily to encourage children to run, play, climb, and socialize

Enrichment Classes: Technology, Music and Movement, Chapel, Outdoor Explore, STEAM activities 

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