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November 2022


Dear STES Families and Friends,


Now, more than ever, we’re so grateful and thankful for the community that surrounds St. Thomas Episcopal School with support and love! At a time when live is moving in many directions, we find encouragement and comfort knowing that you care about our school, our children, and our teachers!

Whether you are brand new to the school or sending your youngest child through STES, we can all agree that there are extras that make St. Thomas special.  The cost of these are not all covered by monthly tuition.  They come from our vibrant community of parents, grandparents, and friends ready and willing to support our school by donating to the Tiger Fund! 

Our goal for the 2022 Annual Tiger Fund Fund is 100% participation from each Tiger Family to raise $25,000.  What can we accomplish as a community, giving what we all can to support this school and beyond. 

Your contribution to the Tiger Fund gives us the greatest flexibility to use your gift where it is most needed. These gifts ensure St. Thomas Episcopal School’s ability to provide the educational programs, resources and school environment that not only optimize students' learning, creativity and social development, but enable children to flourish. The Tiger Fund allows us to attract and retain our faculty, supports professional development for teachers, keeps our campus and physical plant secure, ever changing, and touches nearly every facet of school operations. All gifts made to the STES Tiger Fund are applied to the cost of operating the school in the current year. Your gift will benefit our students, faculty and school programs today.



Allison Newman

Head of School

Tiger Fund Logo.png

2022 Goal   $25,000

Previous Tiger Fund

2021- $35,593 Goal $25,000

2020- $35,536 Goal $25,000

2019- $32,438  Goal $15,000


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